16 Handbag Brands Making the New It Bags of 2019


They say actions speak louder than words but we think a logo bag speaks louder than that. It’s an instant conversation starter, which is part of its eternal appeal. Interlocking Chanel Cs scream elegance, bold faced white Supreme text against a red backdrop announces coolness, and a gold letter D dangling from a saddle bag makes people wonder if you’re an influencer. But not all of us want a loud (and often expensive) logo on display.

Luckily, even though Logomania is still riding strong, the absolute opposite is also just as in. If anything the most popular It-bags of 2019 haven’t the slightest indication of the designer at all (save for maybe the shape or beading) and are from up-and-comers like by Far or Susan Alexandra.

With spring rapidly approaching, chances are in the coming weeks you’ll have less pockets to put things in and will need a bag to throw everything into. So instead of turning to the classic designer options, consider these 16 handbag brands making logo-free investment bags instead.

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