19 Best Waterproof Eyeliners for 2019


When it’s hot outside and you’re rushing around to get out the door, it’s easy to just leave eyeliner out of the equation. Old-school formulas can transfer from your lash line to your crease or melt halfway down your face come 3:00 P.M. And most applicators make it hard to get your cat-eye flicks to match. Because we’re sick of liners that don’t meet our very high standards, we decided to gather up our favorite picks that won’t smudge, flake, or melt off your face when the temperature gets above 70. Plus, they make achieving your cat-eye goals more than possible. From budge-proof pencils to dependable liquid liners, we pulled a little something for everyone. Ahead, find the best waterproof eyeliners to stock up on for summer 2019.

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