The Best Budgeting Apps for Every Personal Finance Goal


Countless fincance experts tell you that everyone should have a budget—you can personalize it around your wants and dreams, but it will help you reach your goals. Most months I barely like to look at the balance in my account, let alone examine an itemized version of all of my spending choices. (Another five-dollar chai latte, really?). But in the spirit of resolutions, I ripped the bandaid off and downloaded a budgeting app—and it’s made all the difference.

While at first I was mortified to see pie charts illustrating bad habits, I soon became obsessed with how the app both created financial goals for me to hit each month and tracked what I did spend to give me easy ways to save. I did my test run on the Clarity app because it’s designed to help millennials with debt (AKA me), but there are tons of great options, each tailored to a specific need. If you’ve racked up subscriptions to newsletters and expensive gift boxes, Trim can help you cut back. If you’re about to move in with your partner and need help splitting expenses, look no further than Honeyfi. And the list goes on. It’s like all those experts say: your goals are your own, just find the best tools to help you stay on target.

Here’s a guide to the best financial apps out there. Time to make money moves.

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