The Best Hair Accessories for Every Hair Type


If there’s one thing you can count on with trends, it’s that they’re rarely gone for good. What’s old somehow always finds a way to be new again. But unlike the more controversial trends of the moment (say, dad shoes or Tevas), the revival of kiddish hair accessories has been met with little resistance. Probably because they can easily transform your look, and they’re often more affordable than a new bag or hair color. Who can’t get behind that?

So, in case you need a few pointers to get started, we asked five women who exemplify hair goals to share their tricks for wearing accessories for any hair type. Some found ways to elevate the look, while others revel in the childish nature of it all. Regardless, they have more than a few pieces they’re obsessing over right now. Read on for their styling tips and which accessories they’re currently eyeing.

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