The Hair and Makeup Looks Everyone Will Be Talking About From the 2019 Golden Globes


Oh, red carpet glamour, we’ve missed you! After the annual lull that is the holidays, awards season finally arrived tonight to bring some glitz and great hair inspiration back to our feeds. We’re talking, of course, about the 2019 Golden Globes, which as the first major event of the awards circuit, always sets the tone for the upcoming hair and makeup looks we’ll be seeing between now and the Oscars. (You know your newfound obsession with hair bows? You can thank last year’s Golden Globes for reinvigorating their return.) If we’re being honest, in many ways, the Globes are our favorite red carpet of the year because they’re less uptight and formal. (Yup, it’s the show where everyone is allowed to drink.) What this usually means is that hair and makeup pros are more likely to push the envelope with the looks they create.

This year, we’re happy to report we had a few full-fledged yasss moments: Sandra Oh’s old-Hollywood curls, Chrissy Metz’s red lipstick, and Camila Belle’s lime green eyeshadow. Scroll on for all our favorite looks from the night. We’ll be adding to the list as more stars arrive.

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