Zack Snyder Has Revealed His Vision For Young Darkseid


At this point I imagine some of you may be confused by the mention of Uxas and how it relates to Darkseid, so I will clear that up quickly. Uxas was the name that Darkseid was given at birth, living his life as a member of the Apokolips royal family. He was ambitious from a young age, wanting to eventually rule as king, but this was a problematic goal given that his older brother, Drax, preceded him in the line of succession. After years of desiring to kill his sibling, Uxas finally got his chance when Drax was engaged with a connection to the Omega Realm, and he wound up taking power from the extra-dimensional reality instead. After breaking out of a chrysalis that formed around him after this process, he gave himself the “god-name” Darkseid, and began his iron fist rule of his home planet.

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